Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Leading Company

I came across this video on stock. CNN held an interview with a company that leads the health and wellness industry. The interview was conducted on July 23, 2006 it mentions the opportunities the company has to offer. Click on the link below to watch the interview.


The following site shows that the industry of health is not doing so bad due to the economy http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/ll/514pip.html. There are many companies as well as Usana that are leading the industry in proactive health.


What is there is to do now that the economy of the most powerful country is in bad shape? People are looking for answers and solutions to bring their lives back on the right track. It is important that in times like this people keep an open mind on what might be out there for them to overcome this crisis. Although the economy might be at its worst peak its important to know that there are certain areas of the industry that are still doing well regardless of the economic crisis. The health and wellness and the health care industry are industries that are having great success regardless of the situation. Usana Health Sciences is one example of a company that has done well. I believe that people will always need health care and that nutrition will always play a major role in people lives.