Friday, February 6, 2009

What is Next?

Welcome to my blog and thank you for checking it out. With the alarming rate of people being laid off people are desperate for solutions. They are looking to get their lives back on the right track but everything is at a scare right now. With companies locking their doors and disappearing out into the air people don’t have a clue of what or where to go next to find a job, because what if the next company they walk into does the same. It is obvious that the economy is not doing so well. So, what are people doing to get by? Where are they looking? What are they looking for? Below is information on the solutions people might be looking for.

I created this blog to inform people about different financial opportunities that are out there. The economy right now is at its worst peak ever and it is going to get worse before it gets better. The American people have built their lives around these corporations that have left them nothing. We have seen and heard of many people get laid off due to companies downsizing or bankruptcy.

My intentions are not to convince people about other opportunities but to put the knowledge out there so that people can make their own decisions. Owning a small business with a very low start up cost can be the essential idea for many people. Owning a business allows people to take control of their financial lives instead of having them controlled by corporations. People that have worked for these corporations that are closing have lost almost everything. Most people are finding it difficult to find employment, and pay their bills. People are skeptical about even looking for a job because of all the closures that are occurring people have lost their faith in the American Industry.

I have seen many people become very successful in owning their small business. They have become financially independent and have created their lives by their standards. They have taken control of their lives from spending time with their families, to independent freedom, to having an ongoing income. When I say owning a small business I don’t mean a business that requires thousands of dollars to get started but a home-owned business that will allow people to work from home. In the last 10 years the number of home-based businesses has increased 20 times to over 30 million operations.

An example of a company that has seen many people become successful entrepreneurs. Usana is a company that people have looked to this company for opportunity to create an income that could be a plan b for them to overcome hard times.


  1. This seems like a really good idea for a blog especially in light of the current economic meltdown. This blog seems like it will be really helpful to a lot of people. I look forward to reading more posts.

  2. whoa, Serg, I'm liking your idea. My parents own their own business and the knowledge to do so is great to have! I'm excited to see what you have to offer on this topic. I like your layout too! And good start out quote "success is a choice" I really like it.