Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Business Sector

People have seen many large firms disappear with the economic crisis. But how about small firms do we see small firms disappearing as much as large firms? In reality the small business sector is what generates most of the jobs "small businesses, particularly in the service sectors, continued to be important job generators, even as the economy began to slow. In the first quarter, they created 74 percent of net new jobs" (SBA 28: 2). This sector plays an important role in our economy and we must not ignore it. People have become skeptical to investing, but let me remind you that there is a difference between investing in yourself then investing in the future of corporations. The Small Business Association also states, looking forward from this recession, we would expect more entrepreneurship taking place; indeed, it may help lead the economic turnaround. Some self-employment will come out of economic necessity; talent and experience of workers being laid off will prod some of them to sell those talents as their own boss (28: 2). People will stop having faith in corporations and take control of their lives. People just need to be aware of which industries are having success and strive to start a small business in that industry. If you would like to read more on the following information the link is below.

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