Saturday, April 18, 2009

If They Trust the Product... We Should To

Usana is a company that caters to a diverse population of athletes around the world. In my opinion it is the only company that puts its money where its mouth is. The reason I say that, is because it is the only company in its industry that offers the athlete guarantee and satisfaction with its product. The athletes that endorse Usana do it voluntarily. It is important that athletes find a company they put their trust in, that will back them up. And because Usana assures them that their product is quality they make the decision to consume the product. Their are many athletes that consume Usana products, pro athletes and Olympian athletes endorse Usana because of its potency and accuracy of ingredients.

1 comment:

  1. That is so cool that pro athletes and Olympians endorse Usana...that gives the product (and your business I'd assume) more credibility than similar products. Is Usana ONLY for athletes or can people on the day-to-day go take it to give them a boost, even though they won't be running a few miles or swimming laps? How much is each dose/bottle/package?